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We provide business training online and on site in The Principle of Agile Management, and Agile Multi-project Management based on Parmatur Pulse. With a Pulse Implementation we minimize your journey to an agile organization.
We will advance your business to successfully create, cope with, and exploit changes in the market.

Parmatur Pulse is an Organisational Model for Agile Governance of Strategy & Development. Read more about Parmatur Pulse.

Ulla has now published all three books she planned in the series on Agile Management.

“When agile models are implemented only in the projects, the management team soon loses control. It’s time for them to take back the initiative and rejuvenate product architecture, strategic road maps and a vision for the future.”

Three Books on Agile Management
Agile Netwok Organization
Read more about Parmatur Pulse model here.

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