Parmatur Pulse Model

Agile Pulse Model for Agile Governance of Strategy & Development
Parmatur Pulse Model for Agile Governance of Strategy & Development

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Principles behind the Parmatur Pulse Model for Agile Governance of Strategy & Development is an agile organisational model to manage multi-project businesses (multi-project management) and it is Parmatur´s implementation of lean and agility in companies working with strategy, development and delivery. The aim is to achieve business agility. This is in contrast to a project model that only aims to make isolated projects successful.

Agility is the ability to successfully create, cope with, and exploit changes in circumstances. This can only be achieved at a strategic level. At Pulse, managers work with strategic design that defines what is to be developed.

And when the project is in progress, we use a Pulse room (Obeya) for daily set-up meetings for managers and engineers respectively. This gives the projects freedom to work independently while sharing information, knowledge and decisions with the managers who can make decisions just in time.

It’s all about interaction between individuals, using pulse meetings that create movement and transformation.

Product development is the transformation of a market opportunity into a product for the customer. The opportunity may have been created by the company itself through analysis, promotions, technology, partnerships or other measures. Or a possibility emerges on the market that the company can use.

Product development requires the ability to 1) create business models, 2) establish collaboration with customers, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders, and 3) develop and develop and maintain products and production systems.