Agile Pulse Model – Activity plan

Activity plan is to plan the work that need be performed in order to achieve a subresult. The objective is to identify which activities are required to complete and demonstrate a subresult. Planning of activities is made when work with a new subresult begins.

Results from the Activity plan workshop

An activity list that describes work tasks connected to a subresult in progress.

How results are to be generated

Work method. Activity planning should be done by those who will perform the work. Use the nominal group technique. Group work creates an understanding of what is to be achieved and what work is required to finalise the subresult and secure correct results.

Premises and material. Workshop room. Whiteboard, post-it notes and pens/markers.

Plan activities

Step 1. Which subresult to be delivered?

Write the name of the subresult to be planned.

Step 2. What will be the end results?

Let each of the participants identify what end results you will have when the subresult is complete. Those end results can be demonstrated, verified and approved. Compile the end results as activity number 98.

Subresult to be delivered
S4 Training material ready for printing
 Activity_ No.
End results that can be demonstrated
A4.98.1 Training documentation
A4.98.2 Exercises
A4.98.3 Tutorial


Step 3. Plan activities

Let each of the participants identify activities that must be carried out for the subresult to be completed and demonstrated. Enter the activities in the table. If there is a natural order in which the activities should be performed, then write the activities in this order.

Give each activity an individual number based on the number of the subresult to be delivered. Activity A4.2 is the second activity needed to deliver subresult number 4.

A4.1 Draw up a specification and general execution schedule
A4.2 Specify the abstract with division into chapters
A4.3 Specify exercises
A4.4 Write instructor guide
A4.5 Write abstract
A4.6 Sketch illustrations
A4.7 Draw illustrations
A4.8 Write exercises and answer key
A4.9 Assemble the material
A4.10 Review and adjust


Work with an activity plan

Activity window - Agile Pulse Model
Agile Pulse Model – Activity window


Select activities from the activity plan that are suitable to start working with. Post them as post-it notes in the activity window under the headline ”To do!”  When work starts with an activity (see Project pulse) the post-it is moved to the ”In progress” area, and finally when the activity is completed to the ”Done” area. When an activity is done sign off in the activity plan. If new activities occur add them to the activity plan.

Visually represent the results

Set up the completed activity plan on the pulse board when work with the subresult is initiated. Take down the activity plan once the subresult has been completed.

When an activity is in progress, it is visualized in the activity window.

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