Agile Pulse Model – Portfolio pulse

The purpose of the portfolio pulse and the work done by the portfolio team is to constantly ask what prevents the business from earning more money. Portfolio team members must find out the answers to that questions, go and see what basic reasons lay behind emerging problems and disorders, what actions, decisions and support would be required for the portfolio team to deal with these and also to execute actions and decisions. The portfolio pulse will also enable the portfolio team to work long term with strategies, be involved in the business and influence the outcome of present and future products and other investments.

Step 1. Portfolio pulse

Portfolio pulse board - Agile Pulse Model
Portfolio pulse board on whiteboard – Agile Pulse Model


Portfolio cyber pulse board – Agile Pulse Model

General: Actions identified during pulse meeting can either be added to the activity window for immediate treatment, or be admitted to a period log to be handled as soon as possible, or be compiled in the backlog to be prioritized along with other long-term tasks. Problems and decisions recorded in the decision log.

1. Work environment. Any new incidents or accidents? Identify actions and decisions.

2. Completed activities. What activities in the activity window are finished and can be moved from “In progress” to “Done”?

3. Completed projects. Feedback on how the sale of new products develop, as well as claims for these. Are there problems? What can the portfolio team members do to obtain information and
take the right action? Identify actions and decisions.

4. Projects in progress. Which projects is to be finish next? What is left and when it is appropriate to close? Which handover points coming up are to be monitored by members of the portfolio team?
Are there any delays or deviations? What can the portfolio team members do to obtain information and take the right action?
Identify actions and decisions.

5. New projects. Have project candidates a potential that is high enough? What can the portfolio team members do to increase the output? What project will be started next? When can the planning of the project start? When is the start of the project appropriate? Identify actions and decisions.

6. Activities to do. Can tasks in period log be moved into the activity window? What activities in the activity window should be moved from the “To do” to “In progress”?
Who does what?

Step 2. Retrospective

Discuss work and cooperation in the team, attend to any obstacles and jointly agree on how to resolve them. This will provide conditions for the team to self-organize and create more value.


Draw areas on the portfolio pulse board for activity windows, inbox, completed projects and ongoing projects.
Use post-it notes to record the activities in the activity window, and new cases in the inbox. Affix strategic objectives, project portfolio prioritization, backlog, period log and decision log.

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