Agile Pulse Model – Program pulse

Program pulse is a weekly coordination between all projects in progress with the assignments, strategic plans and available resources.

The program pulse meeting is conducted by the program manager. Participants are project managers for the ongoing projects, assignment manager and line managers.

Program pulse has no separate pulse board, but instead uses the projects’ pulse boards which the meeting visits one at a time. Inboxes at product board and portfolio boards are used when the program manager escalate problems to these boards.

Decisions taken at program pulse should be logged by the program manager in the project’s decision log.

Program pulse

At the program pulse meeting, all projects are reviewed in front of each project’s pulse board and the meeting conforms to the basic structure for pulse meetings.

1. Show progress and major breakthroughs.

2. Flag obstacles and difficulties that the project cannot resolve themselves. Initiate activities and need for decisions. The program manager will make decision whenever possible.  Problems can also be handed over  to the product team or the portfolio team.

3. Resource problems are addressed. Actions needed by the line managers are written in the project’s decision log.


The decision log is filled in directly at the program pulse meeting.
New activities are written on post-it notes during the program pulse.

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