Resource pulse

Resource pulse should ensure that the individuals are not overburdened or scattered via a resource pulse board and magnets.

Each individual has 2 part time magnets labelled with their name and department. Two magnates together mean full time. Since the magnets are available in a limited number they will serve as a “Kanban” to limit the amount of work in progress for each individual.

Resource shortages can be signalled with a red magnet or a red post-it note. One red magnet can be added for every week that passes without resolving the resource problem.

If it is important o make sure that the project is not using more resources than budget, than the project’s resource plan (see Synchronisation plan) for the actual work package can be put up in the resource pulse board.


Set up a pulse board as below.

Agile Pulse Model - Resource Pulse Board
Resource Pulse Board


Basic rules

  •  All individuals who work with product development are guided by resource pulse.
  • Magnets can only be removed from a project by the project manager when the project team has finished its work or the individual is finished with its work for the team. It is important not to interrupt work in progress.
  • When an individual is not connected to a project team, the individual is at the disposal of the assignment pulse.
  • Magnets (humans) are moved at resource pulse. The magnets (the people) are moved by the individual’s resource manager, but only after the resource manager and the individual has engaged in dialogue.
  • If the project needs more resources or other resources, this is signalled on the resource pulse board, or by a request in advance. Project managers should ask for specific competences for their projects, not individuals.
  • Borrowing of resources between projects may be permitted. The decision is then taken at a program pulse meeting.
  • Resource managers make sure that resources present on the resource pulse board also can be allocated to projects and assignments. Resources not available should be removed.
  • Departments or individuals that can’t contribute full time will add their rules to the board. For example one magnet equals half a day.

Resource pulse meeting

Resource pulse is conducted weekly to take care of any resource conflicts and new resource needs. Participants are resource managers, project managers and assignment manager. Someone is appointed to chair the resource pulse meeting, preferably from the portfolio team (yellow team).

Define when the resource pulse meeting will be held and which people should attend.

Start with the proposal below and put together an agenda of your own.


  1.  Project managers remove resources from the projects that are no longer needed.
  2.  Go in order of priority. The project manager states any need for more resources (competences) than the resources already allocated to the project.
  3.  Resource managers review the needs and allocate available resources (individuals) to fill in the gaps. Consider what result could be completed this week with the available resources. Don´t move resources that have not completed their results since that will interrupt work in progress and create waste. Any resource issue should be presented to the resource managers for a solution. To handle the problem, it may however finally be necessary to re-plan in the project. The project manager should in that case show the consequences in terms of the schedule, costs and quality.
  4.  Assignments are generally handled last, but the assignment managers will have to make sure that the decided share of the resources over time is allocated to assignments. If there are critical assignments (for example claims) they could be allocated before the projects.

Decisions that are made are logged in the decision log. Any shortage of resources is logged in the problem log.


Discuss work and cooperation at resource pulse, attend to any obstacles and jointly agree on how to resolve them. This will provide conditions for the team to self-organize and create more value. Invite to workshops to jointly discuss and deal with more fundamental problems.

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