Parmatur’s business idea

Parmatur’s business idea is to develop and implement methods of pulse, including pulse meetings, as our model for business agility.

Parmatur’s business idea

Our mission is to provide methods, training and Pulse implementations to organizations that work with strategy and development in multi-project environments, such as market development, product development (R&D), client-driven development and production technology development. We work globally with clients that themselves use all kinds of technology. Our clients come mainly from Europe. But we have a growing interest from South East Asia.

Our history

Parmaturs business idea - interaction between people
The Pulseguide is based on simple rules allowing people to work together

After an intense development phase, we were in 2005 ready to launch our first Pulseguide™ – a collection of methods that is our guide to business agility and pulse meetings in multi-project organisations. The Pulseguide is continuously developed based on customer experiences and ideas. We are currently (April 2015) on version 5.4. Since Pulseguide version 3, it is an organizational model for business agility.

In autumn 2014 we launched a light weight version of Pulse, which we call Agile Pulse. The Agile Pulse model has an open license (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International).

Parmatur today

Until today (autumn 2015), 32 companies and authorities have decided to implement our Pulseguide and to start working according to Pulse. Those companies use Pulse in product development (R&D), but also in sales, service and production. The companies are of different sizes. The smallest involve not more than 20-30 people, while the largest units deal with the interaction between 200-300 people. The companies have operations in Sweden and Finland, but many also have development sites elsewhere in Europe, US, China and South America.

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