Introducing pulse in strategy work and product development

We offer consulting assistance to introducing Pulse as an agile network organisation into strategy work and product development.

Our offer


Pulse wheelWe offer consulting assistance to implement an agile network organisation based on our Pulseguide®. The implementation will include methods, procedures, definitions and templates needed to work with pulse meetings and pulse boards. During the implementation we will train your staff in methods and principles while they together form a cluster of pulse meetings and their own working practices.

Introducing Pulse

The pulse room where people meet in different groups.
The pulse room where people meet in different groups.

After a Pulseguide implementation you can soon see shorter development time, higher throughput and increased profitability for your initiatives.

Introduction of a new approach that dramatically improves efficiency must be done quickly and involve the entire organisation for the change to be long lasting and successful. During our implementation, we provide all employees with knowledge and tools they need to interact effectively in the new structure. This applies to people who work on projects and assignments, managers working with strategic planning and executive managers. Within 3 months, the new work methods are introduced, pulse meetings and pulse boards established and the operations transformed to an agile network organisation.

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