Results of business agility

Some results of agile stand-up-meetings are shorter lead times and increased throughput of projects. The top executives can make decisions just-in-time.

Results of business agility, that we have observed from our Pulseguide implementations come stepwise: Contact us for references.

Results of business agility

Projects work better. Project participants become more self-sufficient and are able to work with their tasks. Cooperation is strengthened. Problems emerge earlier and are easier to solve, and work becomes more rewarding. Since project goals are visualized, a discussion starts in the entire company on why certain projects run and what business value they will create. Some projects turn out to have weak foundation. As a consequence future projects will be much better prepared as customer values are more thoroughly analyzed.

Shorter lead times and increased throughput of projects and assignments. Development projects that previously took two or three years, are with Pulseguide completed in less than a year. Smaller product updates will be done in less than 6 months. When lead times are shortened, the learning rate is faster as feedback increases. The time it takes to get new graduates to actively contribute in development projects is much shorter. One can also see that staff can broaden their knowledge and contribute in more areas. Bottlenecks that limit further decrease of lead time, will be identified and actions taken to resolve them.

The Pulseguide

Concepts from the Pulseguide are adopted and used outside strategy and development. Efforts are made to increase feedback from the market to better understand customer needs.

The executive management team has the opportunity to coordinated and fast adaptation by shifting the focus, stopping projects and reallocating resources.

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